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These are some of the items we digitized and embroidered for our customers and contractors. This is a selection of new styles coupled with creative designs and embroidery/screen-print techniques that create eye-catching impressions.
Screen printed lettering can project that professional look with a good choice of font and the interesting color for lettering, combined with an outline that is in contrast to the garment color.
Two Color Screen Print
Leather embroidery requires certain digitizing and sewing adjustments, but it provides a truly reach and unique look
Leather Embroidery
We can combine multiple techniques, such as embroidered patches, heat transfer, full front embroidery, lettering and numbering, to provide very attractive team uniforms.
Combined Techniques
Sometimes the location of an embroidered logo can create a distinctive look and an eye-catching effect, especially on flexfit hats.
Logo Placement
3d or puff embroidery requires special digitizing and sewing technique, but is an excellent way to promote your special letters
3D Embroidery
Foam mash hats are currently very popular in all styles, ranging from 5-panel retro to 6-panel flexfit.
Mash Foam Caps
Matching the thread color of the monogram to the color of this sauna headband projects elegance and grace.
Tone on Tone
A combination of a leather jacket and embroidery applique can produce stunning visibility of your idea.
Leather Applique
Your message, silk-screened in bold lettering down the sleeve of a t-shirt, will never go unnoticed.
Sleeve Print
We can digitize your logo so one thread color blends into another one. Such designs are usually very attractive and look good on both dark and light colored garments.
Thread Color Blend
Tackle twill is the best technique for an authentic athletic look of your team clothing
Tackle Twill
Use of metallic thread matching the trim color of a good quality golf shirt gives that refined and classy appearance.
Metallic Thread
Smaller size one-color designs are very attractive when embroidered on a golf shirt with trim and collar color matching the thread color of the logo. The design visually blends with the garment and creates an unmistakable identity for your company.
Thread Matching Trim
Lettering stitched on top of different fill patterns make creative designs even more appealing because of the different light effects on the thread.
Fill Patterns
Multi-color designs look vibrant and lively on white, neutral, and black golf shirts, and project the inner energy.
Multi-Color Designs
While embroidery on the front of a hat is mandatory, additional smaller lettering looks very attractive when embroidered on the side or back of it.
360 Degrees
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